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In the automobile industry, BMW and Mercedes are often recognized as the leaders in performance and luxury, and are some of the best known names in the world. While known for their power and comfort, they are also noted for their relatively high price tags and extensive maintenance requirements. After all, these arent just any ordinary machines, but precision vehicles built with precision parts.

The modern incarnations of BMW and Mercedes boast both power and comfort, but it takes dedicated and experienced technicians to keep these vehicles in proper working order. Service centers are a dime a dozen, just about on every main street and around many corners you have probably spotted one. But before you dive in head first, you need to be certain that your vehicle is given the treatment it deserves. The fact of the matter is, most of these shops are not even worth considering and are not qualified to perform maintenance and repairs on any European import vehicles.

As the driver of a special breed of vehicle, you require the expertise of factory-trained, experienced and certified technicians to look after it. Some shops will try to lure you in with very cheap services and deals that sound almost too good to be true, which they likely are. In the service industry, particularly with European imports, in many respects you get what you pay for, and while legitimately capable shops sometimes cost more, the level of service they provide is well worth it.

Transparency with the customer is also a vital aspect to building a lasting relationship. Many shops will sometimes sneak in hidden charges that are not explicitly listed on the receipt. If your service shop is not thoroughly reviewing the options with you and requesting approval before performing any task, it might be time to look elsewhere for proper service. Also, any facility that does not guarantee their work or provide a warranty can not be trusted for their parts or service.


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